DRosso Karen Rozo G Visual Designer


D’Rosso This is a familiy fast food entrepreneurship with almost 20 years on the market sponsoring horseback riding championships in Bogota, Colombia. D’Rosso went on for many years without a logo or brand recognizable by the public that represented the quality, trust, love and effort with which the products are prepared and every single customer …

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Cellvoz Karen Rozo G Visual Designer


Cellvoz For this company is clear how important cloud-based services are nowadays, that’s why it offers Virtual Telephony and Mobile Marketing solutions that have positively impacted its customers in Colombia and the world. In the marketing department, we had a big challenge by taking all of the technical terminology from every single service to then …

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Emotivarte Karen Rozo G Visual Designer


Emotivarte This is Claudia’s entrepreneurship, whom through this brand spends her free time selling things for stationery, organization, crafts and lettering, using social media. To do a relaunching of EMOTIVARTE, Claudia found herself looking for a logo redesign, she wanted something cleaner with a better reflection of the essence of the brand while contributing with …